Maximize MSP Efficiency and Security

Elevate client security and streamline compliance with Senteon’s MSP-dedicated platform, ensuring CIS-standard hardening across diverse environments.

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Before-and-after visualization of a computer's security settings, with the after image highlighting Senteon's system hardening enhancements
Before-and-after visualization of a computer's security settings, with the after image highlighting Senteon's system hardening enhancements.

Streamline Your Services, Amplify Security

Senteon understands the pulse of Managed Service Providers. Our platform is crafted to simplify your security management, ensuring each client meets stringent compliance and security standards with minimal overhead. Enhance your offerings with our automated solutions, turning cybersecurity from a challenge into your competitive edge.

Overcoming MSP Challenges with Configurations

Icon depicting a challenge against a backdrop of diverse client requirements, showcasing Senteon's capability to meet varied cybersecurity needs.
Diverse Client Requirements
Streamline your baseline creation processes with Senteon’s automated platform. Achieve a standard across all client environments with less effort and significantly reduce manual labor.
Icon depicting the balancing act of efficient compliance management, emphasizing Senteon's solution to regulatory complexity.
Efficient Compliance Management
Utilize Senteon's platform to quickly and easily map security baselines to relevant compliance frameworks. Through Senteon's extensive compliance cross-walking, ensure that compliance frameworks are easily matched.
Icon illustrating a clock and resources, highlighting the challenges of managing cybersecurity within resource and time constraints.
Resource and Time Constraints
Senteon's automated baseline creation process and on demand support team help alleviate traditional resource time constraints associated with establishing and maintaining a hardened baseline.
Icon of a radar scanning for threats, symbolizing the proactive efforts required to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats.
Staying Ahead of Cyber Threats
Leverage real-time threat intelligence and proactive defenses. Senteon keeps your clients' environments secure against the latest cyber threats through constant updates and maintenance in line with the CIS Benchmarks.

Streamlined MSP Security Features

Screenshot showcasing Senteon's web application with its Multi-Tenant Dashboards feature, allowing for streamlined management across multiple client environments.

Multi-Tenant Dashboards

  • Centralize Client Management
  • Enhance Operational Visibility
  • Streamline Workflows
Detailed view of Senteon's change history log for an endpoint, tracking adjustments in security settings over time.

Automated Compliance Reporting

  • Simplify Compliance Tasks
  • Ensure Audit Readiness
  • Save Time on Reports
Process illustration in Senteon's app showing the group setup workflow, including recommended settings to ensure operational continuity without disruption.

Custom Security Policies

  • Tailor Policies to Client Needs
  • Improve Overall Flexibility
  • Streamline Application of Policies
Action shot of applying security changes within the Senteon app, exemplifying real-time monitoring and automated response capabilities.

Real-Time Monitoring and Response

  • Monitor Drift in Real-Time
  • Automate Response Actions
  • Secure Clients Continuously
Display of Senteon's decision-making screen, highlighting the tool's seamless integration capabilities with existing IT environments for streamlined security management.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

  • Smoothly Integrate with Existing Tools and Systems
  • Handle Diverse Client Environments
  • Simplify Deployment and Maximize Compatibility

Transform Your Service Offering with Senteon

Icon showing an upward efficiency graph, denoting Senteon's impact on enhancing service efficiency for businesses.
Enhanced Service Efficiency
Deploy Senteon’s automation platform to streamline your service delivery. Reduce manual tasks and response times, allowing you to serve more clients with higher efficiency and fewer resources.
Icon of two hands shaking, representing the strengthened trust between businesses and their clients through secure practices.
Strengthened Client Trust
With Senteon’s consistent and transparent security practices, bolster client confidence in your services. Provide verifiable compliance and robust protection, establishing your MSP as a trusted security advisor.
Icon with growing trees, indicating the scalable growth opportunities businesses can achieve with Senteon's solutions.
Scalable Growth Opportunities
Leverage Senteon’s scalable solutions to expand your client base without adding complexity to your operations. Grow your business sustainably by meeting the evolving security needs of diverse clients.
Icon showcasing a chess piece with a compliance checkmark, reflecting how Senteon provides competitive differentiation in the cybersecurity market.
Competitive Differentiation
Stand out in the crowded MSP market by offering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions. Senteon equips you with the automation to provide superior service, differentiating your offerings and attracting more business.
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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Eric Woodard, CEO of Protek, sharing his positive experience and the impact of implementing Senteon's solutions.

One of the more complicated items for any MSP to maintain are local workstation settings to ensure they meet the various control requirements of CIS guidelines. This is especially difficult when that workstation is remote or disconnected in some manner from a central control location such as Active Directory. This is where Senteon comes in. Senteon has provided us with a way to ensure that disconnected workstations not only are compliant with CIS guidelines but also help us to maintain these settings in the event that something changes, all automatically.

Eric Woodard - CEO - Protek
Marty Godsey, CEO of Rudio Technologies, endorsing Senteon for its exceptional service and cybersecurity hardening capabilities.

Senteon has been a huge timesaver. We don't have to manage settings with Group Policy / Intune / RMM. We have one simple interface to manage all our settings to meet the CIS Benchmarks for hardening

Marty Godsey - CEO - Rudio Technologies
Andy Larin, Owner of AllCareIT, discussing the benefits and improved security posture since using Senteon.

Senteon makes it so easy to harden endpoints to the CIS Controls. Once a policy is created, it's super easy to deploy to the whole client! Reports of alignment or misalignment can be created to prove you are compliant.

Andy Larin - Owner - AllCareIT
Joshua Copeland, Director of Enterprise Security at Bose, providing a testimonial on how Senteon enhanced their cybersecurity measures.

Senteon solves the most common two problems when it comes to system hardening. Where do I start, and how do i know what will happen? In a single guided interface, Senteon can take you from zero to hardening hero in under 15 minutes, and ready for external compliance audit!

Joshua Copeland - Director of Enterprise Security - Bose
Raffi Jamgotchian, Owner of Triada Networks, praising Senteon for its robust cybersecurity solutions and customer support.

Senteon takes the guess work out of building out a system hardening process that is repeatable and attestable. Unlike manual processes where you really don't have a good way to determine if they are actually properly working. Senteon will show you where you are diverging from the standards you've set and fix it on the fly.

Raffi Jamgotchian - Owner - Triada Networks

Your Questions, Answered

How can Senteon simplify management across multiple client environments?
How can Senteon simplify management across multiple client environments?

It's the process of securing systems by minimizing vulnerability surfaces. Senteon automates this, aligning with key CIS benchmarks to bolster your security.

What makes Senteon’s compliance reporting advantageous for MSPs?
What makes Senteon’s compliance reporting advantageous for MSPs?

We automate your compliance, ensuring your systems continuously meet CIS benchmarks, enhancing security with less manual effort.

Can Senteon integrate with existing tools and systems used by MSPs?
Can Senteon integrate with existing tools and systems used by MSPs?

Senteon automatically corrects identified security vulnerabilities, ensuring your systems remain secure with minimal manual intervention.

How does Senteon support MSPs in scaling their services to more clients?
How does Senteon support MSPs in scaling their services to more clients?

Absolutely. Senteon is built for seamless integration, enhancing your cybersecurity without disrupting existing workflows.

What type of support can MSPs expect from Senteon?
What type of support can MSPs expect from Senteon?

We provide comprehensive reports and logs to streamline your audits, ensuring you’re always prepared with minimal effort.