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  • We dedicate ourselves to providing advanced cybersecurity solutions that safeguard and optimize your endpoints in a manner that ensure operations come first.
Help Security Meet Compliance
  • Our focus is on easing the burden of compliance with automated processes that not only ensures your business stays ahead in a complex regulatory landscape, but also ensures that your compliance checkpoints are backed by real verifiable security practices.
Integrity and Innovation
  • We're committed to protecting your operations with integrity while pushing the boundaries with innovative approaches to security.
User-Centric Design
  • Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each business, ensuring security is accessible and effective no matter what level of maturity an organization has.
Zach from Senteon and company advisor Joshua Copeland engaging with attendees at a cybersecurity tradeshow.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Eric Woodard, CEO of Protek, sharing his positive experience and the impact of implementing Senteon's solutions.

One of the more complicated items for any MSP to maintain are local workstation settings to ensure they meet the various control requirements of CIS guidelines. This is especially difficult when that workstation is remote or disconnected in some manner from a central control location such as Active Directory. This is where Senteon comes in. Senteon has provided us with a way to ensure that disconnected workstations not only are compliant with CIS guidelines but also help us to maintain these settings in the event that something changes, all automatically.

Eric Woodard - CEO - Protek
Marty Godsey, CEO of Rudio Technologies, endorsing Senteon for its exceptional service and cybersecurity hardening capabilities.

Senteon has been a huge timesaver. We don't have to manage settings with Group Policy / Intune / RMM. We have one simple interface to manage all our settings to meet the CIS Benchmarks for hardening

Marty Godsey - CEO - Rudio Technologies
Andy Larin, Owner of AllCareIT, discussing the benefits and improved security posture since using Senteon.

Senteon makes it so easy to harden endpoints to the CIS Controls. Once a policy is created, it's super easy to deploy to the whole client! Reports of alignment or misalignment can be created to prove you are compliant.

Andy Larin - Owner - AllCareIT
Joshua Copeland, Director of Enterprise Security at Bose, providing a testimonial on how Senteon enhanced their cybersecurity measures.

Senteon solves the most common two problems when it comes to system hardening. Where do I start, and how do i know what will happen? In a single guided interface, Senteon can take you from zero to hardening hero in under 15 minutes, and ready for external compliance audit!

Joshua Copeland - Director of Enterprise Security - Bose
Raffi Jamgotchian, Owner of Triada Networks, praising Senteon for its robust cybersecurity solutions and customer support.

Senteon takes the guess work out of building out a system hardening process that is repeatable and attestable. Unlike manual processes where you really don't have a good way to determine if they are actually properly working. Senteon will show you where you are diverging from the standards you've set and fix it on the fly.

Raffi Jamgotchian - Owner - Triada Networks